Latest generation automatic transpallet
Capacity: 6500 Kg

Esaflat 65 is a last generation vehicle with a maximum loading capacity of 6500 Kg.
Extremely compact, the vehicle features all of the most advanced technological characteristics.
The lifting device may be replaced by:

  • Chains / motorized roller conveyors for the handling of pallets, metal containers, etc.
  • Special belts for the handling of packs of corrugated boards.

The navigation control may either be of the inertial or laser ANT® types, using the same laser scanners for both navigation and safety.

The ANT laser navigation system, based on complex data processing algorithms, has the advantage over the classic triangulation system with reflectors, of using any fixed element in the surrounding environment as a reference point. The result is a very quick installation.

The vehicle’s safety is guaranteed by laser scanners and bumpers.  The battery may be recharged by means of an opportunity recharging system or by simply replacing it using ad hoc trolleys. The vehicle receives the missions to be executed either from our supervisor or directly from that of the company through a Wi-Fi. Connection.


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