Esatroll s.a has always invested in research and development and cutting edge technology offering vanguard navigation systems and software.

Esatroll s.a is capable of supplying a customized SUPERVISOR to cater to the needs of every customer:

  • The supervisor is that part of the system that deals with the control and traffic of automatic vehicles. The supervisor’s task is to recieve calls from the work station, to select the vehicle, to manage the right of way and load delivery, as also, to keep track of activity for subsequent control. Generally, a synoptic panel provides a quick view of the plant, of vehicle position in real time and of any possible anomalies.



Laser Guided Vehicles (vehicles for in-door applications)

  • The ANT laser navigation system uses the signals received from safety laser scanners for navigating. The mapping of the path occurs through self-learning procedures: the vehicle, placed in any point of the path, processes the laser signals (echoes) generated by the structures and objects in the surrounding environment. The operator selects which structures (walls, electrical raceways, machinery) may be considered as “tags” (fixed reference points). This procedure is repeated in different points of the path until the mapping is completed. Successively, trajectories are traced and the vehicle is tested in automatic mode.
  • Traditional Triangulation: besides the two safety laser scanners, the vehicle will be equipped with a third laser (rotating head) normally positioned either on the mast (in the case of the transpallet or counterweighted vehicle) or on the special turret. At the same height of the third laser, reflectors will be placed in the surrounding environment along the vehicle's route. The laser will “see” the reflectors and through a triangulation process will be able to determine its own coordinates.


Inertail Guided Vehicles (vehicles for outdoor applications)

  • The vehicle is equipped with a gyroscope, a magnetic bar and encoders on the wheels. Along the designated route magnets will be fixed to the floor at a distance of 2 to 10 metres from each other. The vehicle will determine its route through the data derived from the gyroscope, the magnetic bar and from the encoders.


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